Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wedding Preparation 1


These few weekends I have been busy attending weddings and there are 3 more upcoming in December. This reminds me that I am already married for a year and I have not blogged anything about it.

If you are bride to be, with a tight budget and currently cracking your head to source for reasonably priced restaurants/hotels, bridal bouquet, decorations, photographer etc, you may find some of these articles useful as I wish to blog about my experience in engaging the vendors.

Bridal bouquet & floral decorations

Some of you must have wondered why do I need to source for bridal bouquet as it would have been included in the standard pre-wedding package. The reason is because I did not sign up any package from bridal shop because:
  1. I am super skinny and I find it EXTREMELY HARD to look for the wedding gown that I can fit into and hide my bones.
  2. I was not willing to pay for something that I did not want in the package.
  3. At times, there are a lot of hidden costs in the package where the sales assistant did not disclose to you upfront and you may end up spending a lot more than what you initially expect.
  4. The bridal bouquet is a standard bouquet which you may not be able to customise it to your own preference.
So I did extensive research to source for all the wedding items. 

Speaking of bridal bouquet, if you are on a VERY TIGHT BUDGET, the cheapest bridal bouquet that you can find in Malaysia is to Do-It-Yourself. No joke, what you need to do is:

Option 1: Do-It-Yourself
  1. Head to Petaling Street
  2. Buy 2 dozen of roses from the wholesalers (i.e. Lee Wah Florist, Weng Hoa Flower Boutique)
  3. Cut the thorns and trim the stems
  4. Wrap them with ribbons
Of course, I am not a pro in floral arrangement and neither did I have the time to put in so much effort into it (especially when I want my bouquet to match with rainbow colour theme), hence, I decided to browse through facebook and check out if there is any reasonable florist that I can engage. And I came across Sunny Days.


Option 2: Engage Sunny Days

If you have SOME BUDGET and would like to CUSTOMISE your bridal bouquet, I would strongly recommend you to engage Sunny Days.

Sunny Days offers a wide range of floral arrangement services as well, hence you may engage them to decorate your wedding venue or any other floral related service, i.e. bridesmaid bouquet, corsages, wrist flowers etc.

Their facebook photos really impressed me as you can tell from the beautiful pictures that the team is really creative in customising flower bouquet and decoration to the wedding couple needs.

Before I engaged them I tried to walked into a few nearby florist shops in SS2 one week before my wedding day and none of them are able to customise a bouquet to rainbow colour theme without dying the flowers, at a price below RM200 and to deliver to door step on time.

I was so delighted when I texted them via Facebook and What'sApp, I received instant replies from them, even though they were in overseas on vacation. They actually came back just in time to rush for my bouquet and delivered it over to my husband's place the night before our wedding day. Knowing that the groom would be extremely busy before the wedding day, they were very considerate not to collect payment on the spot and he only transferred the payment via online banking few hours later.

Why did I choose Sunny Days?
  • Customer focused
  • Attention to detail
  • Variety of flowers to choose from
  • Quality end product
  • Reasonable price
  • You get what you paid for :-)

Below is photo of my simple bridal bouquet - rainbow colour:

Price: RM150 / Nov 2013

Other photos which you may find in their facebook:
Smell of Autumn in pink - pink roses, cymbidium and daisies
Shades of Love
A modification from Feminine bridal bouquet - peonies, roses, eustomas and spray carnations
Dark Pink Peonies bridal bouquet - the romantic one

Some wedding decoration photos. Do engage Sunny Days for wedding decoration if you have higher budget for your wedding!
Outdoor ceremony decor
Sweetheart table
Simple table centerpiece


Sunny Days
Unit 8-01, Tower B, Prima Avenue SOHO, Jalan PJU 1/39, Dataran Prima, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
012-227 3704

Price for bridal bouquet
Vary depending on the type of flowers and customisation required.

All in all, thank you so much Sunny Days!!!

- HX

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